Welcome to
Glatfelter  Chillicothe Mill's
Contractors Safety Evaluation Program.

  We take safety compliance very seriously at our Glatfelter Company. The safety of our employees and contractors is of paramount importance to us.
  You, as an employee of a Contracting/Consulting/Trucking company, or as an independent Contractor, are supposed to be properly trained, by your own employer, in safety matters.
  In order to verify that you were in fact trained in the required safety topics, and to assess your level of understanding and retention of these topics, you will be required to access and qualify on this Web-based Safety Evaluation Program. You can review the safety topics presented in this program, or you can proceed straight to the Evaluation Tests. However, you will only be allowed inside our Company if you scored a perfect 100% on each and every Evaluation Test presented to you.
  If you successfully pass the Evaluation Test, your computer system will print a personalized Certificate of Completion. Bring this Certificate with you, and present it to Security when you first arrive at the Mill. Based on this document, you will be issued your ID badge, and you will be allowed access to the Mill.
If you have problems using this program, please contact Abbottsfield at (800) 541-6698
or e-mail us at support@abbottsfield.com.
Toll-free Telephone Support is available 24/7/365.